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    Average Athens Car Insurance Quotes –Up to $642 Annual Savings

    Drivers in Athens have it much better when it comes to paying for automobile insurance as the average price is a mere $1,126. This is a bit lower than the average for the whole of Clarke County which is at $1,142. Even better, the average price is significantly lower compared to the State-wide average of $1,771 and the national average of $1,768.

    Factors that Affect How Much You Have to Pay for Auto Insurance in Athens, Georgia

    The final price will vary depending on the insurance company. They do take into consideration several factors. Some variables may seem mundane like the make and color of the automobile while others are serious and important like your credit rating and your history of getting into accidents. Other components are.

    Location — A rule of thumb is that the higher the population of a city is, then the higher the automotive insurance rates go. The reasoning behind this is quite obvious, the more people are there in a certain area, equates to more vehicles. And the more vehicles plying the thoroughfares, then the risks of accidents happening also increase. As of the latest statistical data, Athens has 85,116 residents spread over the area giving a population density of 1,321 residents per square mile which is actually considered low.

    Driving To Work — How you regularly go to work from home also plays a part in determining how much you pay for insurance premiums. As if the rush hour traffic is not bad enough, you also have to pay higher rates if you regularly drive to work during the peak hours. If you belong to that group of individuals who drive to work outside those peak hours, not only do you avoid the traffic jams but you also might become eligible for insurance discounts! Athens boasts of a relatively short commuting time, with an average of 17.4 minutes, and only a total of 13 fatal accidents ever recorded.

    Auto Thefts — The risk of having a vehicle being stolen varies per driver and this also plays a part in pinning down your insurance fee. There are several factors involved, like model and make of a vehicle, and the size and population of the city. You can lower the risk and your rate by simply installing anti-theft systems. Latest records show that there have been 314 motor vehicle thefts recorded in Athens.

    • Education — As absurd as it may seem, your educational attainment plays a role in computing how much you should pay for your automotive insurance rates. Being a college graduate, or planning on graduating from college, will entitle you to discounted rates. 44.2% of residents in Athens who are above 25 years old hold at least a bachelor’s degree which is higher than the State-wide percentage. While an astounding 81.6% have at least finished their high school education but is actually a lower number than the State-wide percentage.

    Looking for excellent automotive insurance deals should be simple and easy, not complicated. Georgiacarinsurancequotes.net and other comparison websites will make sorting through all the details easy so that you can find an insurance policy that you can accommodate in your budget. All you need to do is input some details asked below and you can get quotations today, and the best part is they are free!

    If you don’t live in Athens, you can still save money if you live in a nearby city. Click here for detailed information on Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, and more.

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